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Which industries benefit from 3D Drone Mapping?

Land mapping and surveying are essential in various industries, and Jeeves Drones has the expertise to work with licensed surveying companies in diverse fields, including:

  • Insurance

  • Roofing

  • Agriculture

  • Construction

  • Conservation and Environmental

  • Mining

  • Forestry management

  • Solar Farm Maintenance

  • Government Agencies

  • Land Development

  • Transmission and Distribution Inspection

Just look at the statistics for real estate.


Redfin's 3D virtual tour traffic has skyrocketed 600% since the coronavirus pandemic hit.


Increased selling prices for homes with 3D virtual tours.


Decreased time on the market for homes with 3D virtual tours.

drone 3d mapping colorado

3D Drone Mapping Services Colorado

Jeeves Drones™ is the go-to provider for drone mapping services among insurance companies, licensed surveyors, and engineering firms throughout Colorado.

Try our membership services free for 30 days. Here's how our 30-day trial works.

Features and benefits.

A robust 3D site that goes with you on the road. Combining drone data collection with traditional methods, Jeeves Drones makes managing your project site easier than ever.

Easy Calculations

High-Quality 8k Videos

True 3D Digital Twin

Real-Time Collaboration

Integrated Global Mapping

Free Cloud Storage & Simple Sharing

24Hour Aerial Mapping Service

Jeeves Drones™ provides fast services utilizing 3D spatial data, aerial images, and video. Delivering 300+ outputs, including a 3D model that enables precise measurements, within just 24 hours.

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