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Keep Your Imagination Flying

Drone Photography and Videography

Jeeves Drones sets a new standard for drones by going beyond photos and videos. We deliver complete strategies that align with your business goals—whether that is generating more sales or streamlining project management.

Make Drone Photography Work For Your Business

Not sure if your drone photography will benefit your business? Other than the most common uses: construction project management and real estate sales, Many different business types can benefit from an uplifting perspective. 

  • Engineering and architectural

  • Manufacturers

  • Industrial

  • Commercial businesses

  • Small businesses

  • Energy

  • Public Safety

  • And more


Uplifting perspectives are within reach.

How can drones benefit you and your business? Jeeves Drones has the capability to provide services for all of the following industries:

1. Sales and Marketing

The most common use for drone photography and videography is to create sales and marketing content for digital marketing and print advertising.

2. Land Surveying

More technical usage for drones is for surveying land which relies heavily on software to output usable data for mapping purposes.

3. Inspection and Insurance

Drones can go places that are difficult to reach for humans, making it a no-brainer that they are ideal for inspecting roofs, towers, power lines, and more.

4. First Person Perspective 9FPV)

The FPV (first person view) drone market is growing rapidly as more and more people discover what a thrilling experience it is to fly a drone.

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