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Drone Tours Colorado

So you want your marketing to soar above the rest? Let this first-person-view cinematic eye candy be your passport from the same old — sameness. Try a drone tour today!

Brace yourself for drone tours that will catapult your marketing from the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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Drone Tour Video​​

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This video is epic.

Nick Painz

RE/MAX, Denver, July 2023

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Triple Threat Photographers
Why does it make sense to hire photographers that are also FAA-certified drone pilots?

Certified pilots are a mandatory requirement by both the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the State of Colorado for any paid flights. At Jeeves Drones™, our FAA-licensed pilots possess unparalleled expertise in safety, laws, and weather conditions, ensuring a secure and professional operation of drones for commercial use.

Using certified drone pilots who can provide drone photos, HD real estate photos, and indoor drone videos saves significant time and cost. Triple-threat photography professionals possess a keen understanding of drones, drone laws, framing, composition, and lighting, allowing them to capture the desired services efficiently during their sessions.


Unlike single-skill specialists hired by our competitors, our photographer's combined skill set delivers high-quality images and videos and streamlines workflows, minimizing labor costs and ensuring a quick turnaround for project completion and delivery.

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