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Floorplans for $0.

Jeeves Drones provides accurate floor plans in as little as 6-hours for real estate agents, appraisers, and investors.

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What you can get.

Super fast turnaround.


Need your floorplans in a hurry? Our speedy service can have them delivered to you within 6 hours, for just $10! The standard delivery time is 24 hours at no cost.

Reports for appraisals. 


Purchase consistent GLA reports for $15 that align with ANSI® Z765 industry standards set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Logos and customization.


Personalize your plans with your branding, vibrant colors, captivating styles and optimized file size and format.

For those needing a little more.


Upgrade your space with stylish, fixed furniture for just $15!

Prices staring at zero.


Our standard services come with complimentary and customized floorplans, ready for you to use without paying any extra. With a vast selection of styles, we offer the perfect blueprint for your vision!

Accurate and high-quality.


Our commitment to providing superior and accurate floorplans ensures that all your needs will be met the first time.

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