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Uses Lidar and light source technology.

iGUIDE uses both laser and light source imaging to create fast, more precise 3D captures of even the largest spaces.

Up to 5 times faster than Matterport.

With the PLANIX system, a 3,000 sqft space can be captured in just 15 minutes. Compared to 60-90 minutes from the other guys.

Better for capturing large spaces.

iGUIDE combines the latest in 360-degree photography with LYDAR allowing for more accurate and better detailed capturing of large spaces.

Image touch-ups and colorization.

iGUIDE includes out-of-the-box options to remove objects, hide cables, change hues, remove family photos, and more. Making your tours stand out from the others.

Side-by-side floorplan and 3D tour.

iGUDE tours offer a compelling user experience compared to Matterport. Allowing users to jump from room to room with ease, and get a better understanding of the floorplan.

Same delivery time as Matterport

As with other deliverables, 3D tours are needed quickly. iGUIDE tours are delivered within the same timelines as Matterport in just 24 hours or less.


iGUIDE: The 3D Capture Solution That YOU Control

Take back control of your digital project with iGUIDE.

Looking for a Matterport alternative? Look no farther than iGUIDE.

Jeeves Drones™ is proud to offer iGUIDE. Break free from monthly subscriptions and take ownership of your digital tours. Links stay active forever. Export to PDF, CAD, and more. Self-host on your website for free!

$20 off your first booking. Use code "breakfree23".

All your photos, drones, floorplans, and 3D tours done a 1-hour session, delivered next-day.

  • iGUIDE Classic

    An iGUIDE 3D tour up to 3,500 sqft.
    Valid for 3 months
  • Recommended

    iGUIDE Pro

    Classic + 40 HDR photos.
    Valid for 3 months
  • iGUIDE 360° Service

    Pro Service + FPV flythrough.
    Valid for 3 months

Includes up to 3,500 sqft. Add-ons and fees purchased seperatly after booking. Terms and conditions apply.

"I only use Jeeves Drones™. They have great quality, pricing, and attention to customer service."


Nick Painz - Managing Broker

RE/MAX Alliance

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