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Infrared Drone Services from Certified Pilots

 Preventive and predictive maintenance, condition assessment and monitoring, quality assurance, and forensics.

Electrical Hotspot Survey

Utilizing preventive, predictive maintenance and condition assessment monitoring helps to ensure quality assurance while providing key insights in the event of a forensic investigation.

Roof Moisture Survey

Compromised roofs can lead to moisture accumulation, creating a potentially hazardous situation. To ensure the safety of any building or structure it is imperative for owners to keep their roofing systems in good condition.

Building Envelope Survey

A comprehensive survey of the envelope, siding, insulation and windows will provide invaluable insights into their overall condition - making sure that everything remains safe and secure for years to come.

Infrared Flat Roof Moisture Surveys

The infrared image or thermogram is recorded, along with the size, location and details of each problem area. This information is incorporated into a comprehensive report that may be used to plan future repairs, record existing conditions, or provide legal documentation.

Infrared Electrical Survey

Typical problems detected during an Infrared Electrical Survey include: loose connections, faulty equipment, overloaded circuit, and unbalanced loads

Infrared Solar (Photovoltaic System) Survey

Typical problems detected during an Infrared Photovoltaic System Survey include defective cells within panels, faulty wiring or equipment, partially shaded or obstructed panels, or debris or dirt on the panels.

HVAC Thermal Surveys

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Infrared Building Envelope Surveys

The two most common problems identified during Infrared Building Envelope Surveys are missing and/or damaged insulation, and the presence of latent moisture.

HVAC and Mechanical Surveys

Infrared Mechanical System Surveys are commonly performed on rotating machinery, refractories, boilers, HVAC systems, etc. to locate thermal patterns of mechanical system components and liquid discharges.

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