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Infrared Electrical Surveys by Certified Pilots and Master Electricians

Related Infrared Services

Electrical Hotspot Survey

Utilizing preventive, predictive maintenance and condition assessment monitoring helps to ensure quality assurance while providing key insights in the event of a forensic investigation.

Roof Moisture Survey

Compromised roofs can lead to moisture accumulation, creating a potentially hazardous situation. To ensure the safety of any building or structure it is imperative for owners to keep their roofing systems in good condition.

Building Envelope Survey

A comprehensive survey of the envelope, siding, insulation and windows will provide invaluable insights into their overall condition - making sure that everything remains safe and secure for years to come.

Outdoor Switchgear

An infrared electrical survey of outdoor switchgear can reveal any potential issues within the system's power distribution and avoid costly shut downs.

Substations and Transformers

Infrared cameras provide an invaluable tool to detect faults in transformers connected to substations. With their sensitive technology, they are capable of identifying and diagnosing even the most subtle issues quickly and efficiently.

Generators and UPS Systems

Infrared cameras are invaluable tools for detecting problematic connections in generators and UPS systems to make sure power remains active in case of emergencies.

Power Lines

Infrared cameras can facilitate the detection of power line connections and faulted transformers, making it easy to identify potential problems before they manifest.

Our aerial inspections offer an unparalleled level of safety and reliability, as all operations are conducted by Certified Drone Pilots under the watchful eye of a Licensed Master Electrician.

~ Andrew Goshern, Master Electrician

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