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Insurance Adjuster Data Collection Services

Jeeves partners with insurance firms and forensic construction companies to utilize aerial data collection through remote sensing systems.

High resolution aerial images.

A thoroughly detailed 2D map of the site provides adjusters with an unparalleled level of visibility, accuracy, and detail.

Creating 360° views of the site.

​Transform your site into a captivating, interactive experience with 360° aerial images with iGUIDE and Matterport 3D sites on the ground. See every corner of the site, take measurements, add notes, and more.

Construction verification.

Confirm that the final construction "as-built" matches up to its initial design plans for an accurate representation of reality.

CAD compatible. 

Point Cloud compatible with machine learning algorithms and CAD software, allowing users to detect damage with unprecedented accuracy.

Any space, any size, digitized

Measure, mark up & monitor any site with unparalleled efficiency - helping you streamline your claim processes while unleashing the true potential of virtual technology.

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