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The Always Home Drone from Nest Pricing and Availability

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Drones technology is emerging as one of the most formidable and capable security technologies, revolutionizing how we protect our assets.

Drones can monitor large swaths of land and sea, detect suspicious activities, and accurately patrol borders. For now, drones are usually manually controlled, and flown by an actual person. Soon, they will be used to autonomously carry out all kinds of missions, including monitoring the security and safety of your home.

Introducing the Ring Always Home Cam. A flying camera system that integrates drones into your existing suite of home security products.

“We are looking forward to — in the next short future — shipping it out to customers at high volume,” said founder of Ring, Jamie Siminoff

This innovative robot is getting much attention due to its impressive functions like live streaming video, custom alerts and notifications, and an obstacle avoidance system.

With safety and privacy at the forefront of its design, the potential of this drone technology is numerous. Armed with highly advanced technology such as AI, the Always Home Cam will undoubtedly be worth the wait when it finally does arrive.

What Is The Always Home Cam?

With Always Home Cam, you’ll never miss a moment. Keep watch over your home when you can’t be there, launch it on command or automatically if a ring alarm is triggered.

“It is literally an autonomous flying vehicle in your home,”

How Is It Controlled?

It is a groundbreaking advancement in home security. Instead of manually controlling it, the drones follow preset paths you configure to navigate around the house or service a particular area - similar to Roomba® Robot Vacuums. Whenever it’s airborne, it records.

What Challenges Is Ring Running Into?

If you’re worried about the drone being annoying and loud. Ring says the flying cam is “about as loud as a vacuum or a blender” and that it’s only meant to be used when no one is at home.

“It’s not supposed to be flying when there’s anyone home,”

"The lidar sensors the Always Home Cam uses for navigation can’t easily “see” mirrors and windows — they need a reflection of a wall in the glass to determine space", says Siminoff.

When Will It Be Available To Buy?

Originally expected to launch in Fall 2021, the drone was priced at $250, and those interested could apply for an invitation to buy. With such an ambitious product on the market and its potential implications in terms of home security and also personal privacy, this product will likely garner even more attention than Ring's earlier products.



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