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Case Study: Indoor Drone Tour Videos to Boost Revenue for Real Estate

Updated: May 21

Client: Westbound Realty

Interviewee: Ben Malone, Realtor

Interview Date: May 17, 2024

Company Background

Westbound Realty, based in the Colorado Front Range, specializes in properties in Golden, CO and its surrounding areas. The company offers high-quality services to clients, ranging from $500,000 homes to $2.5 million estates. Ben Malone, a realtor at Westbound Realty, aims to enhance the company’s market share by providing exceptional marketing services to clients.

Q: What do you like about working at Westbound Realty?

"There’s never two days exactly alike. There’s always something new to learn, whether it be a client, a house building situation, zoning, marketing. It’s all-encompassing and keeps you on your toes."
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Challenges Faced

Before partnering with Jeeves Drones, Westbound Realty used local photographers for their marketing needs. These services were often costly and didn’t provide the comprehensive solutions required to stand out in a competitive market. Ben Malone realized the need for a more advanced and economical solution to elevate their marketing efforts and attract potential homebuyers.

Q: What solution were you using before Jeeves Drones, and what challenges led you to look for another solution?

"We were using some local photographers, but they were costly for the amount of content we would get. We wanted to step our marketing up to offer more than everyone else, and that’s why we chose Jeeves Drones for the drone tours, interior and exterior."

The Solution: Indoor Drone Tour Videos

Westbound Realty opted for the Deluxe Package from Jeeves Drones, which includes a Indoor Drone Tour Video designed to provide a competitive edge. "Nobody else is offering that" said Ben. The Deluxe Package offers:

  • Unlimited professional photography

  • A blended interior and exterior drone tour video

  • Matterport virtual tour or a Zillow tour

  • Detailed floor plans including square footage

  • Neighborhood photos and drone photos

  • Twilight photos (add on)

Q: What criteria did a new photography solution need to meet when you were looking for a new provider?

"We had to have good quality interior pictures, someone knowledgeable about drones, homes, and the region. They needed a marketing background to understand what appeals to homebuyers and sellers."

Ben's Concerns

Ben Malone was initially skeptical about the feasibility of flying drones indoors to attract buyers. However, Jeeves Drones YouTube channel demonstrated their expertise in flying drones through houses, capturing interior shots that showcased properties in a unique and engaging way. This technological capability, combined with professional quality and attention to detail, helped me with my initial concerns.

Q: What concerns did you have initially?

"The concerns were, can they really fly a drone in a house? Can they get the look at the home that we want to portray to people shopping for homes online?"

Their Results

Since adopting the Deluxe Package from Jeeves Drones, Westbound Realty has observed significant improvements in their marketing and client satisfaction:

Q: How long have you been using the Deluxe Package?

"We’ve been using it on every listing for about five months now."

Q: How many homes have you actually sold using the Deluxe Package?

"Over the past 5 or six months we have sold at least 6 listings that we used the Deluxe Package on. Many of the listings received offers the same day."

Q: How has the customer experience improved since moving to us?

"Overall, clients are very impressed with the interior drone that we’re offering because it’s something no other agents have right now."

The high-quality videos and photos have placed Westbound Realty top-of-mind for potential buyers. The advanced marketing tools provided by Jeeves Drones make their listings stand out online, where 95% of homebuyers begin their search. "We just want to get a higher market share of our local real estate market," Ben emphasized, and the Deluxe Package has helped them achieve this goal.

Clients have been particularly impressed with the interior drone footage, which is a unique offering that differentiates Westbound Realty from competitors. "They are extremely happy and satisfied," Ben said, noting the positive initial reaction to the drone videos.

Professionalism and Reliability

Ben Malone appreciates the professionalism and ease of working with Jay, the representative from Jeeves Drones. "There’s never a concern when Jay shows up," he noted, highlighting the consistent quality of service and positive interactions with clients.

"I know that when when Jay shows up to work, he's gonna be personable and easy to get along with the clients who had never met him before, that already know us personally, they appreciate him and like him just as much as us. I mean there's lots of times when you're using vendor is, you're worried who's gonna be over there with your clients, and how they could affect or impact the deal. And there's never a concern with Jeeves Drones."

Cost Efficiency

By consolidating various marketing services into one comprehensive package, Westbound Realty has streamlined their process and reduced the need for multiple vendors. This approach has proven to be both cost-effective and efficient.

"The Deluxe package gives us everything we need. We need floor plans, Matterport virtual tours, and the interior drone, which puts us above everyone else."

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The partnership with Jeeves Drones and the adoption of their Deluxe Package have been instrumental in advancing Westbound Realty’s marketing strategy.

The innovative use of indoor drone videos and other high-quality marketing materials has not only enhanced the company’s market presence but also significantly improved client satisfaction and overall efficiency.

Q: What would you say to anyone on the fence about hiring us or the Deluxe Package?

"The Deluxe package delivers everything we need and more to facilitate a strong marketing campaign. It’s accomplished all of our goals without having to piecemeal things out."

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

"I know that when Jay shows up to work, he’s personable and easy to get along with. Our clients appreciate him and like him just as much as they like us. That’s a big deal for us."

The partnership with Jeeves Drones has transformed Westbound Realty's marketing efforts, showcasing the power of indoor drone video for real estate marketing.


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