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Maui Fires: Drone Animal Rescue Mission (Updated 9/5)

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Jeeves Drones has joined hands with Assert Drone Animal Rescue in a crucial partnership to deploy advanced Infrared-equipped search and rescue drones on the beautiful island of Maui. We're calling on your support to make this mission a success.

Photo by Richard Olsten / AFP Getty Image

Our dedicated team is gearing up to make a real difference on the ground. Armed with cutting-edge technology and rescue equipment, including our powerful infrared drones, and we're committing to aiding animals in distress. Collaborating closely with local rescue organizations, we're amplifying our impact for the duration of our stay.

We are also delivering much-needed supplies to local animal rescues and we will be making an impact on the ground wherever we are needed.

We're still accepting funds for travel, equipment, and expenses. These funds will go directly to Jeeves Drones to help pay for our company's involvement. Any remaining donations from the below GoFundMe will be donated to ASSERT Drone Animal Rescue, a 501(3)(c), organization on behalf of Jeeves Drones to aid with this disaster or other future disasters. Jeeves Drones is also volunteering its drones, manpower, and other personal and shared equipment to be utilized or donated.

With ASSERT Drone Animal Rescue and their proven track record of responding to disasters like fires, tornadoes, and even conflict zones like war-torn Ukraine, our volunteers possess the expertise needed to create a meaningful impact for both the local community and their beloved animals.

Our mission doesn't end there. The insights we gather will empower local rescues to continue their vital work even after we depart. Stay up to date with the latest news about our mission below.

Daily Updates

8/12 @ 1:50 PM

ASSERT and Jeeves Drones has now assembled a team. We are now are trying to raise additional funds to be able to deploy more volunteers so we can have 2 drone pilots with 2 infrared drones, both working on the island at the same time to increase our search coverage area and find more missing pets and injured animals. We are now looking to send 5-6 volunteers. Flights are already booked for 4 volunteers. We still need to purchase critical gear and equipment. We will post an Amazon wish list soon as well as a list of items that are needed.

8/12 @ 2:15 PM

We now have an Amazon wish list of items we need to be effective on the ground. Feel free to share this link:

8/13 @ 8:59 PM

We've teamed up with The Humane Society Director & Local Responders. Our collaboration is in full swing, working alongside all organizations to safely and effectively coordinate our drone and search and rescue activities. The Humane Society has agreed to accept animal deliveries from us 24/7.

8/14 @ 9:25 AM

No update.

8/15 @ 8:44 AM

Still gathering donations for our team. We've been in communication with local volunteers who are providing us with information about the evolving circumstances so we are able to best prepare for our deployment. We are contacting our East Coast volunteers to see if we can increase our team size to a total of 6 so we can operate as 3, 2-person teams.

8/16 @ 8:44 AM

We're still coordinating with non-profits and other organizations to ensure that we have as much gear and supplies as well as preparation coordinated prior to our departure on August 28th. We have several leads out working with great partners to help coordinate this increase in our response.

8/16 @ 8:44 AM

No update.

8/18 @ 8:26 AM

We are currently undergoing FAA certification courses as a team to enhance our expertise, guarantee a secure journey, and obtain authorization for entry into controlled and supervised zones. As of now, a flight embargo remains in effect, and unfortunately, animal rescue operations are not feasible.

8/19 @ 8:28 AM

Introducing our rescue team.


8/20 @ 8:14 AM

Maui Humane Society estimates that 3,000 pets missing due to the Lahaina wildfire. The organization is treating pets for severe burns and smoke inhalation.


No update.


No update.


No update.

8/24 @ 1:03 PM

Over the past several days our team has encountered multiple layers of difficulties as the situation on the ground has evolved. As of this time, we are still planning to depart Monday and we will help out wherever and however we are needed. More information will be coming soon.

8/25 @ 8:09 AM

We're off to Maui on Monday. It's heartening to know that we're backed by so many generous contributors, companies, and volunteers. They all play an important role in making this mission possible. We are hoping to be able to use our drones to contribute to the search efforts, but we are prepared to forgo using drones if needed taking action wherever we are needed. Our team is bringing with us essential goods, tools, supplies, and more all destined for local animal rescues and ground efforts. We will also be helping to build as many "catios" as possible to house the rescued cats and animals.

8/28 @ 7:04 AM

Our team spent most of today packing. We will be heading to Maui with approximately 50 checked bags including rescue equipment, gear, first aid supplies, pet food, and donations and more! See you this evening, Maui!!!

8/29 @ 8:23 AM

We arrived last night in Maui with over 39 bags of goods, many of which are donations. Thank you to Southwest Airlines for donating space for us to transport all of these supplies. Today we are supporting local feeders and strategizing plans for this week. Southwest is sending another shipment for us and we will have more information soon.

9/1 @ 3:40 PM

We received coordinated donations and are building four large cat enclosures to take in more community cats. We're making an impact to the people and pets of Lahaina everywhere we can and will have more updates soon.

9/5 @ 1:30 PM

Our mission is complete and we are back home recovering from a long week in Maui. The team we joined was successful and bringing multiple pallets worth of supplies and donations to local animal shelters that are housing animals from Lahaina. I will post more about our trip once the rest of our team is safely back home.

Stay tuned for our next update...

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If you have a question about how to help, please contact Jay at 720-295-8225.


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