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Maui Fires: The Heroes on the Front Lines

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Recently, Jeeves Drones embarked on a mission to beautiful Maui to join hands with the island's resilient community in their remarkable rescue efforts. We were profoundly touched by the unity and strength displayed by the people of Maui during these difficult times. As a token of our thankfulness, we're delighted to announce our new commitment to support small animal rescues devoted to providing life-saving services to our furry friends.

But we are not enough. We ask you to join us in shining a spotlight on the unsung heroes of Maui – the brave individuals working tirelessly on the front lines in response to the Lahaina disaster. They have saved hundreds of lives and their dedication deserves recognition. Help us spread their inspiring story, and together, let's celebrate the hidden heroes of Maui!

Our Commitment and Contributions

Jeeves Drones is committed to contributing 2% of proceeds from our online booking to Surf Cat Ranch and Save Maui Cats from now until October 31st. But, we encourage all of our loyal customers to donate directly to the foundations below.

Surf Cat Ranch Animal Rescue

During our unforgettable visit, we had the privilege of sitting down with Linda and Curt, the compassionate visionaries behind Surf Cat Ranch. This vast feline haven is home to over 250 community cats from Maui, providing them a sanctuary away from the harsh island environment.

However, the recent devastating Lahaina fires have upended the lives of hundreds of community cats and other vulnerable animals, leaving them in desperate need of refuge, food, medical care, and the hope of reuniting with their families. Surf Cat Ranch has stepped up to answer this urgent call, but they can't do it alone. They need your support to ensure their small animal rescue operations can continue making a difference.

Save Maui Cats Foundation

Another foundation that is on the front lines is Save Maui Cats. Every evening, Michael makes over 50 stops to bring food and fresh water to nearly 400 of Maui's starving, neglected cats. He can't stand to see an animal suffer and has rescued countless cats and kittens from unimaginable conditions. Mike has played an instrumental part in getting cats out of the burn zone and managing feeding stations around the perimeter of the restricted area. Every day, as the sun sets, Michael sets out on a heartwarming journey, making over 50 stops across Maui. His mission? To bring food and fresh water to nearly 400 of Maui's starving and neglected cats. This isn't just a job for him; it's a passion, a calling. Mike's huge heart can't bear to see animals suffer, and he's made it his life's mission to rescue these innocent felines from unimaginable conditions.

Mike's dedication goes beyond mere compassion; he's a true cat savior. Countless cats and kittens owe their lives to him. He's not just a rescuer; he's a guardian angel for these furry souls.

One of his most significant contributions has been his role in getting cats out of the burn zone, a vital task that requires him to sacrifice so much. He maintains feeding stations strategically positioned around the perimeter of restricted areas. Through his efforts, he's ensuring that these cats have the strength to keep up the fight even in the face of adversity.

Thank you for standing alongside Linda, Curt, and Mike from wherever you are, and for providing the much-needed support that countless kitties urgently require in Maui.

If you are interested in learning more about how Jeeves is supporting local animal rescues in Maui please contact us or email Jay at


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