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Unlikely Applications of Drone Technology: From Agriculture to Emergency Response

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Chemical spraying drone.
Chemical spraying drone.

Drones have become increasingly versatile and are finding unlikely uses across different industries. This Globe and Mail article discusses some of these innovative applications of drone technology.

In agriculture, drones monitor crops and soil health, providing farmers with valuable data to help them make informed decisions about irrigation and fertilizer use.

In construction, drones can be used to survey job sites and track progress, improving efficiency and safety on the job.

In the entertainment industry, drones are being used to capture aerial footage and provide unique perspectives for film and television productions.

Drones are also used in emergency response situations, such as search and rescue operations or natural disaster relief efforts, where they can quickly and safely access areas that are difficult to reach by traditional means.

In addition, drones are used for infrastructure inspections, such as inspecting bridges and power lines, which can be dangerous and time-consuming for human inspectors.

Drones are proving to be a valuable tool across a wide range of industries, and their versatility and capabilities continue to expand as new technologies are developed.


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