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What Are FPV Drones and How Are HBO's Hard Knocks Using Them?

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Drone technology is revolutionizing how we experience flight with FPV footage (First Person View) - giving pilots an immersive, first-person perspective of soaring through the sky. Wearing goggles allows them to participate in a heightened sensory environment where they can virtually join their drone and explore from this dynamic point of view. In recent years, exciting examples have surfaced, such as that seen on HBO's Hard Knocks via viral aerial shots capturing Dallas Cowboys' Frisco training facility.

FPV flying is an exciting hobby with a wide range of thrilling possibilities. Whether it be experiencing the thrill of racing to be first across the finish line, exploring new places while performing stunts and tricks in Freestyle mode, or snapping aerial photographs from up above - FPV has something for everyone.

FPV Drones For Sale

If you're looking to jump into the world of first-person view (FPV) flying, there's a broad selection for all budgets. Starting can be intimidating, but here are some of the most popular options that make great starting points:

4DRC M1 4K GPS Drone Camera with easy operation and a powerful battery retails at $199.99 on Amazon;

EMAX Tinyhawk 2 Freestyle BNF is hailed by users as durable, fast, responsive and highly cost-effective, selling for just $119.99 on Amazon;

finally, those getting started should check out EMAX Tinyhawk RTF Micro Indoor Racing Drone, which comes preassembled and complete with a remote controller, retailing in at only $212 from Amazon.

What Are The Benefits Of FPV Drones?

FPV drones offer a unique vantage point for their operators, allowing them to explore complex flight patterns with greater precision and accuracy. From soaring high into the sky in search of aerial photography opportunities to zipping through a home to sell real estate, FPV allows you to truly feel as if your drone has been taken off autopilot and is now under your complete control. For many pilots who have experienced this first-hand, it's an awe-inspiring feeling that will forever leave its mark on those fortunate enough to take advantage of it - bringing us one step closer to understanding what true freedom feels like when taking things up above our own planet.

How To Get Certified To Fly Commercially

Becoming an FAA-Certified drone pilot allows individuals to fly for commercial use. You can't LEGALLY make money with your drone without one. With a drone certification, you can unlock a world of potential – from personal business ventures and film production to travel and exploration – the possibilities are endless. The process is simple:

The Certification Process

Step one involves passing a written test verifying tangible drone knowledge; step two pertains to completing an in-person drone flight skills evaluation administered by industry tutorial experts. These evaluators assess drone handling quality, battery levels, technical stability, and flight strategies before deciding on the outcome. Obtaining drone certification can open doors to a creative pastime or career fueled by aerospace excellence.

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