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Condition assessments

A speedy analysis of any size flat roof can be provided thanks to drones. Our service provides both visual RGB images and thermograms allowing for the visual and thermal assessment to be completed at the same time.

Preventative maintenance

Ensuring the long-term health of a flat roof requires preventive maintenance to protect it from potential issues caused by external factors. Proactive maintenance helps prevent costly repairs and replacement, while also preserving the value of your property.

Storm damage assessments

Utilizing inspection quality cameras, we conduct thorough assessments of flat and pitched roofs in order to assess the visual and subsurface damage caused by recent storms.

Documentation and reports

Infrared data is captured and is then used to create an extensive report that serves as both the basis for future repairs and documentation regarding existing conditions.

Jeeves offers the most cost-effective solution for detecting moisture

Jeeves offers the most cost-efficient alternatives to physical probing that provides equally accurate results. With Jeeves, you can discover moisture and other anomalies quickly and easily.

Download a full roof moisture assessment report.

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Infrared Roof Moisture Detection Services

Jeeves Drones offers Colorado's most comprehensive roof assessment and condition report that is invaluable for planning repair costs, recording visual damage, and for appraising real estate.

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