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Drone Construction Progress Monitoring & Management

Every project, no matter the scope of construction, needs oversight to uphold investor confidence and stay on time and within budget. With Jeeves Drones commercial drone technology, management is made easier than ever: fast, efficient, and cost-effective.

Why Jeeves?

Choose local and save.

When you choose Jeeves Drones over other nationwide drone companies, you're not just eliminating travel expenses. You're hiring experienced pilots you can trust. Nationwide companies hire freelance contractors, putting trust on the back burner.

Regularly tracking development and progress.

Regularly scheduled site surveys, including RGB images, video, and thermal imaging from controlled altitudes distances with side-by-side before and after pictures.

Creating 360° views of the job site.

Transform your job site into a captivating, interactive experience with 360° aerial and Matterport Spaces on the ground. See every corner of the construction zone, take measurements, add notes, and more.

Inspect site safety.

Proactively discover any potential issues with built structures, equipment, and egress - ensuring the safety of our communities.

Streamline communications with key stakeholders.

Streamline collaboration, clarity, and cohesion amongst all stakeholders involved in any project.

Give investors a real-time view of the project.

Offer investors a comprehensive, live perspective of the project's progress through aerial drone imaging, 3D tours, or live video feeds.

Save time.

Survey up to 700 acres per day, delivering comprehensive data in a rapid period of time.

360° aerial images and work sites

For project managers, 3D construction sites are a revolutionary tool providing unparalleled insight into their work. With the power of this technology, projects can be managed more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

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