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Construction Monitoring Pricing

Manage your projects, improve safety, and provide more comprehensive reporting with regularly scheduled aerial and ground-based construction site monitoring services.

Mobile Work Sites Are Here

Revolutionize project management with 3D construction sites, scheduled drone missions, 3D mapping, and more. Embrace the power of technology to elevate your P.M. capabilities.

Why Construction Monitoring?

Drones and virtual imaging are both excellent tools for construction site management due to their ability to provide real-time aerial views, enabling project managers to monitor progress, identify potential hazards, and improve decision-making.

Recurring Scheduling, Weeks, Months, or Years

Jeeves ensures reliability, punctuality, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed

  • short-term projects

  • single bookings

  • long-term projects spanning years

Drone Monitoring

High-resolution aerial imagery and videos, providing comprehensive and real-time views of the construction site on an ongoing basis.

  • Affordable solution

  • High resolution files sent same day

3D Virtual Monitoring Solutions

Detailed and immersive virtual representations of project sites that allow stakeholders a turnkey solution to visualize the site progress anytime.

  • LiDAR equipped technology

  • Capture accurate measurements

  • Break the chains off traditional images

360 Camera Equipped, Drone Flyghrough Videos

A fast and affordable solution for remote viewing of a work site in a single interactive video, utilizing cutting-edge 360 video technology.

Aerial 360-Degree Images

Aerial 360 images offer a unique bird's-eye view of an entire construction site, allowing project managers to assess progress, track changes, and spot potential safety hazards with greater speed and accuracy.

Aerial Mapping and Digital Twins

3D work sites and digital twins enhance collaboration, streamlines decision-making, and improves overall construction efficiency.

  • No login or software required

  • Take measurements, collaborate with your team, and capture screenshots with ease

Jeeves is always on time and delivers our images right away. Highly recommend!

Jordan D.

Project Manager, Denver, July 2023

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FAA Compliance and Safety
Certified Pilots

Certified pilots are a mandatory requirement by both the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the State of Colorado for any paid flights. At Jeeves Drones™, our FAA-licensed pilots possess unparalleled expertise in safety, laws, and weather conditions, ensuring a secure and professional operation of drones for commercial use.

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