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Infrared Moisture Detection Surveys

Jeeves Drones™ is among Colorado's most experienced drone roof inspection companies, offering comprehensive roof assessments and reports at a lower cost. Detect and prevent moisture, preventing it from leading to costlier repairs.

Condition Assessments

We provide a high-level and detailed evaluation of the overall health and integrity of a building's roof going beyond just inspecting for moisture penetration.

Preventative Maintenance

Regular infrared roof inspections bia drone can help identify and address potential issues before they escalate into more significant problems.

Storm Damage Assessments

An inspection conducted after severe weather events can help identify signs of damage, such as leaks, dents, or cracks caused by high winds, hail, or debris.

Detailed Reporting

A comprehensive document detailing the findings of a thorough inspection of a building's roof.

We're Leading Colorado's Drone Inspection Revolution

Led by our ​Co-Founder & Part 107 Certified pilot, Jay Hanna. With his extensive experience in roofing and Infrared Thermography, Jay assumes a lead infrared inspection position at Jeeves, driving knowledge, skills, and passion for IR tech development forward.

Our comprehensive inspection package includes visible and infrared passes, control photos, thermograms, anomalies geolocations, anomalies measurements, 48-hour delivery, direct phone customer support, and a satisfaction guarantee. Rest assured that all your needs will be met with our top-notch services.

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Drone Powered Infrared Roof Inspections


Need your report fast? Opt for our quick turnaround option with delivery within 48 hours. For even speedier service, choose our same-day delivery within 24 hours for a nominal fee.


At Jeeves Drones™, our reports meet or exceed industry standards and are meticulously structured. Your satisfaction and confidence in our services are our top priorities.

White Label

Add a personal touch to your plans by customizing them with your branding by request at no additional cost.


No jargon, just the facts. Our report findings are straightforward and concise, ensuring you get the essential information you need without any unnecessary complexity.


Our inspection packages are priced with simplicity in mind, eliminating guesswork from the RFQ process. You get straightforward and transparent pricing for hassle-free decision-making.


Our unwavering dedication to delivering superior and precise reports ensures that all your requirements are met right from the start.

Our business loves working with Jeeves Drones.  IR drones help our clients get important anecdotal evidence to use for planning.