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Jeeves Drones™ sweeps away the competition with stunning twilight photos, free drone photos, and exhilarating indoor drone videos.


Exceptional Quality Without Sacrifice

At Jeeves, we deliver exceptional quality in all our services, and we ensure you never have to sacrifice price for professionalism or delivery times.

This is the best photography I've seen in 40 years!

BJ McCarthy

RE/MAX, Denver, July 2023

Interior and Exterior Drone Video Example

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Most Popular!

Pro Package


This is our #1 selling service for single family homes.

• 50 HDR Photos

• Matterport or Zillow Virtual Tour

• 10 HDR Drone Photos

• Schematic Floor Plan with Fixed Furniture

• 24 Hour Delivery

• Blue Sky Guarantee 

Classic Package


Sell a small'ish home online.

• 20 HDR Photos
• 5 HDR Drone Photos

• Schematic Floor Plan

• 24 Hour Delivery

• Blue Sky Guarantee

Deluxe Package


Ideal for luxury listings and social media savvy sellers.

• Interior ​Drone Video

• Unlimited HDR Photos

• Matterport or Zillow Virtual Tour

• 3 Neighborhood Photos

• 10 HDR Drone Photos

• Schematic Floor Plan with Fixed Furniture

• 24 Hour Image Delivery

• Blue Sky Guarantee 

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Vacation Rental Packages

We offer generous and comprehensive Airbnb and short-term rental packages.

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Sample Real Estate

I recommend Jeeves Drones for their value, service, and quality.

Nick Painz

Managing Broker, RE/MAX Alliance, Denver, July 2023

Every listing Jeeves does for me sells within a week!

Luana Lindholm

HomeSmart, Denver, July 2023

Stop Paying for Floor Plans✋

Unlike others who may charge extra, we provide schematic floor plans for free. Just book any of our curated Photography Packages.

Triple Threat Talent
Why hire triple-trained photographers?

At Jeeves Drones, our FAA-licensed pilots possess unparalleled expertise in drone safety, laws, and weather conditions, ensuring the secure and professional operation of drones for commercial use. They are also amazing photographers and videographers (hence TTT).

Using certified drone pilots who are also experienced photographers saves you time, money, and headaches. Hire Jeeves Drones and capture everything you need for your listing, and more, in one trip.

  • What is the resolution and output of 3D render videos?
    The video format is full HD (1920 x 1080). The video will be delivered as an mp4 file, encoded using the MPEG-4 AAC, H.264 codec. The original file size is mainly related to the length of the video. The resolution and format chosen ensure a high quality for the video. Note that based on the platform you use to host the video, it might get compressed and lose quality. We recommend you to check the video quality on your own device first; if you see a quality difference after uploading it to a platform you will know the loss comes from the platform.
  • What's included?
    Each 3D Product delivery includes a 2D floor plan with fixed furniture for free.
  • What is loose furniture?
    Loose furniture includes items like tables, beds, couches, chairs, etc.
  • What is included with 3D floorplans?
    Includes 3D Base floor plan, furniture and materials may be extra.
  • How long are 3D render videos?
    The video length will be between 2 and 3 minutes long. The length will always vary depending on the size of the property and its complexity.
  • What are considered materials?
    For Materials, we will add colors and try to reproduce the materials of the property. Wooden or tiled floor, wall painted in blue, wallpaper, etc. We can't guarantee a perfect match with reality, but we're trying to get as close to reality as we can. In the end, a wood tone might be slightly darker or lighter, but it won't change the overall feeling for viewers.
  • How much does iGUIDE cost in Colorado?
    Pricing is calculated by square foot. Contact our sales team at (720) 295-8225 or send us an email at for a quote.
  • Can iGUIDE capture outdoors?
    While iGUIDE allows for the capture of exterior panoramas, it does not offer square footage measurements for exterior areas. Additionally, iGUIDE does not align exterior panoramas.
  • How long does drone mapping take?
    Capturing the initial images may take 3-5 seconds per image. Depending on the scale of the area it may take anywhere from 20 minutes to several hours for the drone to complete the scan.
  • How accurate is iGUIDE?
    iGUIDE's floor plan distance measurements typically have a measurement uncertainty of 0.5% or higher, while the corresponding uncertainty in square footage is 1% or better. Adhering to the BOMA and Alberta RMS standards, which allow for maximum square footage errors of 2%, iGUIDE easily exceeds these requirements.
  • What is the difference between iGUIDE and Matterport?
    iGUIDE offers better accuracy and a quicker and more straightforward capture process, all without any subscription fees.
  • Can I export my 3D tour to CAD?
    The downloadable DXF floor plans come equipped with 2D laser point cloud and can be used alongside CAD software.
  • Can iGUIDE tours include my branding?
    iGUIDEs offer the flexibility to include a branded banner inside the tour window, typically utilized for agent branding, while iGUIDE Operators can incorporate their branding at the bottom of each panorama covering the tripod. These iGUIDEs can be set up with both branded and unbranded URLs. Furthermore, there is an option available to enforce the branded version exclusively.
  • What formats can I download iGUIDE in?
    In addition to the 3D tour, iGUIDE provides floor plans in various formats such as PDF, JPEG, SVG, and DXF. The DXF floor plans come equipped with 2D laser point cloud and can be used alongside CAD software.
  • How can drone photography enhance my real estate listings?
    Drone photography offers unique and stunning aerial views, showcasing the property’s surroundings, enhancing its appeal, and attracting more potential buyers.
  • Do you offer editing services for real estate photos?
    Yes, Jeeves Drones offers professional photo editing services to ensure your real estate photos look their best, including color correction, sky replacements, and more.
  • What services does Jeeves Drones offer for real estate photography?
    Jeeves Drones provides high-quality aerial photography and videography for real estate properties, including homes, commercial buildings, and large estates in Colorado.
  • What is the best drone for mapping?
    The DJI Matrice 300 RTK with Zenmuse P1 payload is a top-tier photogrammetry drone with unparalleled commercial-grade capabilities. This advanced technology incorporates a high-precision GNSS receiver, an innovative flight control system, and a sophisticated camera that captures high-resolution images with impressive accuracy. Designed for professionals who demand the highest level of performance, this drone is an excellent choice for a wide range of industries, including surveying, mapping, and construction. Its capabilities and features make it a popular choice among businesses seeking to improve their operations with cutting-edge drone technology.
  • What is the best time of day to capture 3D drone maps?
    To capture the best lighting, it is best to capture images for 3D drone maps at peak lighting, or mid day.
  • How much does drone mapping cost in Colorado?
    Drone mapping has become an essential tool for various industries, including construction, agriculture, and surveying, among others. The cost of drone mapping typically ranges from $100 to $240 per hour and $800 to $1,500 per day, depending on several factors. These factors include the type of equipment used, the desired deliverables, the level of expertise and certifications of the drone operator, and the location of the project.
  • What is Photogrammetry?
    Photogrammetry is a sophisticated mapping method that involves capturing a series of overlapping images of the target area from different angles. This method is used to create high-resolution 3D models or maps, which can provide valuable insights into terrain and structures. The images captured during the photogrammetry process are processed using specialized software that analyzes the common features within each image to create a 3D model that accurately represents the target area.
  • How long does it take to process drone mapping images?
    After the drone captures high-resolution images of the target area, the processing of this data to create a high-quality map can take several hours, particularly for large jobs. On average, it takes approximately one minute to process each image. Once the processing is complete, you will receive an email notification with instructions on how to access and utilize the final map. It's important to note that the time required for processing may vary depending on various factors, such as the size and complexity of the area being mapped and the software used for processing. However, it's worth investing the necessary time and resources to ensure that your final map is accurate, detailed, and reliable.
  • What is 3D drone mapping used for?
    Drone 3D models are increasingly popular among architecture and engineering firms, who use them to create accurate project maps. These models are often crucial for securing project funding. In the construction industry, drone 3D models are used to monitor project progress and for inspections, streamlining operations and ensuring quality control.
  • How does aerial mapping work?
    The creation of drone maps involves a sophisticated algorithm that stitches together hundreds or even thousands of photos by matching common features and overlapping them. GPS metadata from each photo is then utilized to accurately align the resulting image with its real-world location.
  • What is the best height to fly at for drone mapping?
    When it comes to drone mapping, the height at which you fly your drone can have a significant impact on the quality and accuracy of the resulting data. While there are different flight settings available, the optimal height for your mission largely depends on the camera being used. To ensure that you obtain high-quality data with maximum detail and accuracy, it's generally recommended to start your mission at a height of around 200 feet. From there, you can gradually lower the height of your drone in 10-15 foot increments, taking care not to fly too low and risk crashing or missing important details. By adjusting the height of your drone during the mapping process, you can capture more detailed imagery and ensure that your final map is accu