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Our Technology

Jeeves Drones™ provides accurate, comprehensive data and the high-performance technology you need to improve job site safety, minimize costs, and increase efficiency across various projects.

Software The Goes Beyond

Operation Mgmt.

Unlock your operations planning potential with integrated elevation data and satellite maps for better terrain awareness.

Cloud Mapping

Explore up to 1.5 k㎡ of terrain in a single flight with RGB and infrared orthomosaic maps! Our technology superimposes these impressive visuals on your 2.5D Base Map, providing you the valuable insight needed to navigate any mission environment confidently.

Live Streaming

Utilizing our innovative technology, teams can stay connected and informed in real-time with the capacity to support multiple users observing a range of drone operations. Our low latency streaming capabilities ensure high definition visuals for an effortless viewing experience.

Route Planning and Mission Management

Utilizing 2.5D Base mapping for a comprehensive look at the upcoming flight paths. Preview results of each mission point in advance to confirm route security and data accuracy- then synchronize all details with pilots for optimized execution.

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