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Drone Streaming Services and Live Feeds


How we can help capture and broadcast live events from the air.

Live Aerial Feeds

Jeeves Drones aerial live feeds enable team members, decision-makers, or emergency response teams to access a secure, real-time video stream from the perspective of a drone.

Audio and Visual

Jeeves aerial feeds are capable of broadcasting audio from the ground allowing our customers to include audio commentary to their audience..

Easy To Share

Sharing your live feed has never been easier on the most common streaming services like Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and more.

Aerial News and Reporting Rapid Response

Jeeves Drones™ serves broadcasting networks and news outlets with rapid-response drone live feeds to help report breaking news, journalists, sports teams, even promoters, and more.

Events and Venue Live Performances

Capture live music events, sporting events, and more with live drone feeds.

Drone Videos for Sports

From Sunday soccer games to professional sports games, Jeeves offers high-quality live feeds via aerial drones.

Project Mangement

Looking to get eyes in the sky to help with project management? Jeeves offers live feeds for executives and project managers.

Aerial Streaming Services

Drone Live Streams can assist in real-time decision-making. Get an immediate view of situations that may be difficult to access or see from the ground. for emergency responders, security personnel, news stations, event promoters, and more. 

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