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Drone Photogrammetry

Jeeves Drones™ offers cloud-based technology accessible to everyone. Thoroughly document and digitally capture every inch of your project, providing complete coverage for future review.

Scalable Cloud-Based Systems

Effortlessly access detailed 3D maps and models. Take precise measurements and calculations—without the need for bulky software or specialized training.

One-click measurements and calculations.
4k or better quality image and video capabilities.
Break the chains of 2D imaging with 3D digital twins.
Real-time collaboration and project management tools.
Integrated Google maps.
Free cloud storage. No monthly fees or logins.

I had no idea how useful this service could be. Highly recommend!

Steve Kainz

Insurance Claims, Denver, July 2023

High Data Accuracy 

Experience reality recreated through Jeeves Drones' best-in-class processing, delivering survey-grade models for unparalleled accuracy.
Photogrammetry Use Cases
​Which industries utilize drone photogrammetry?

Insurance: Drone photogrammetry enables accurate and efficient assessment of property damages, leading to quicker claim processing and reduced operational costs for insurance companies.

Roofing: Roofing companies can utilize drone photogrammetry to conduct detailed roof inspections, identify issues promptly, and provide more accurate estimates for repairs or replacements.

Agriculture: Drones equipped with photogrammetry can survey crops, monitor plant health, and assess irrigation needs, enhancing precision agriculture practices and improving overall crop yield.

Construction: Construction firms can benefit from drone photogrammetry to monitor construction progress, perform site surveys, and generate 3D models for better project visualization and management.

Conservation and Environmental: Drone photogrammetry aids in wildlife monitoring, habitat mapping, and environmental research, supporting conservation efforts and promoting sustainable land use.

Mining: The mining industry can use drone photogrammetry to survey mining sites, calculate stockpile volumes, and monitor environmental impacts, enhancing safety and operational efficiency.

Forestry Management: Drones with photogrammetry capabilities assist in forest inventory, tree health assessment, and forest fire monitoring, aiding in sustainable forestry management practices.

Solar Farm Maintenance: Drone photogrammetry allows for quick and accurate inspection of solar panels, identifying maintenance needs and optimizing energy production in solar farms.

Government Agencies: Government agencies can leverage drone photogrammetry for infrastructure inspection, disaster response, land use planning, and environmental monitoring, improving public services.

Land Development: In land development projects, drone photogrammetry streamlines site surveys, aids in planning and design, and provides valuable data for decision-making throughout the development process.

Transmission and Distribution Inspection: Utility companies can use drone photogrammetry to inspect power lines, transmission towers, and distribution infrastructure, enhancing maintenance and reliability.

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