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Zillow Unveils 'Listing Showcase'

Updated: Jan 8

BREAKING NEWS: Zillow Unveils 'Listing Showcase' - The New Era of 3D Tours

In a game-changing move this week, Zillow is rolling out its groundbreaking 'Listing Showcase' program, sparking speculation about the future of Matterport 3D Tours.

what is showingtime +

With many agencies mandating their agents to exclusively use approved Listing Showcase photographers, the real estate industry is abuzz with anticipation.

Will this signify the decline of Matterport, the reigning champion of 3D tours for the past half-decade? Will this impact photographers ability to make ends meat in 2024?

Our take? Maybe not the end, but Zillow seems poised to shine a spotlight on listings that leverage this innovative program during its launch phase.

Zillow 3D Tours

3D Tours are not new to ZIllow. In fact they have been offering them for quite some time. But, their competitor Matterport claimed market dominance which left photographers with a difficult decision on which to choose. Most decided to invest in Matterport because of their brand recognition and focus on technology.

Enter ShowingTime+:

A Zillow, Inc. brand, ShowingTime+ is dedicated to offering real estate professionals tools and services to streamline their operations and deliver superior customer experiences.

Unlocking the Potential with Listing Showcase:

Tailored for top listing agents and aspiring ones alike, Listing Showcase promises a distinctive listing experience. It's a chance to amplify visibility, stand out on Zillow, enhance your brand, and adapt seamlessly as your business grows.

Jeeves Drones Takes the Lead:

Proudly joining the avant-garde, Jeeves Drones is among the first agencies in Colorado to embrace this program. As an approved Listing Showcase vendor, we empower our clients to leverage Zillow's cutting-edge platform, facilitating quicker sales and staying at the forefront of evolving real estate photography trends.

Ready to Elevate Your Listings? Contact Us!

Curious about this exciting new program? Give us a call or book a shoot online today! Reach out at 720-295-8225 via call or text. Step into the future of real estate with Jeeves Drones and Zillow's 'Listing Showcase'!


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